Tradition & Innovation

The Karl Reichenbach GmbH (REIKA) is a manufacturer of rubber parts for transportation, domestic engineering, household technology, fluids and mechanical engineering.
As a medium-sized company, REIKA employs around 45 people and maintains long-term partnerships with its customers.

Founded in 1896 by Karl Reichenbach in Karlsruhe, the company was family-owned until 2017. Nowadays, 85 percent is owned by Lampe Privatinvest (Hamburg). The Wüst-Reichenbach family remains a shareholder, as does the management. This set-up enables Karl Reichenbach GmbH to establish itself as a reliable technology provider for specialized elastomer and silicone parts.

Variety & Precision

At Karl Reichenbach GmbH (REIKA), the entire production process is under one roof. At the heart of this is the company‘s own mixing plant, which draws on far-sighted warehousing. Various injection molding machines and presses are available for molding the parts. Targeted quality control and forward-looking logistics round off the range of services.

On this basis, REIKA manufactures a wide range of molded parts, individually and according to the respective customer requirements. It does not matter whether large quantities or single-part production are required.

REIKA produces flexibly, delivers reliably and stands for dependable quality.


Elastomers are dimensionally stable and at the same time elastically deformable materials.
This means that they can deform elastically under tensile and compressive loads, but return to their original shape.

They consist of disordered thread molecules with wide-meshed cross-links, which in turn are formed during the vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubber.

Wherever sealing, damping, protection is required in demanding environmental conditions (high temperature fluctuations, chemical attacks), elastomer technology can offer you a solution, even in unusual wall thicknesses.

The great elasticity of elastomers, their high stress limit, and the fact that they do not melt even at high temperatures make them indispensable for a wide range of applications.


Reika produces about 200 different compounds, directly on site in its in-house mixing plant. Depending on the requirements and properties of the part to be manufactured, REIKA selects the appropriate raw rubbers, fillers and compounding ingredients for its optimum material.


At REIKA we offer the complete production process from the selection of raw materials to the delivery of the finished products. We have our own development and production of compounds, various injection molding machines and presses, extensive quality control and forward-looking logistics.

In short: with us, everything comes from a trust worthy source and that lets us work for you quickly, reliably and with dependable quality.

We currently have more than 200 formulations of our own, enabling us to meet a wide range of technical specifications and customer requirements.

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